About Corridor Landscaping

From the Ground Up

I had been working in management for 15 years and one day I decided I was going to take on two of my passions in life. First was my love for landscaping and the outdoors and second was the opportunity to work and serve those around me! I wanted a chance to make an impact on people in a positive way. How I was going to do that I didn’t know. So, I started by simply knocking on doors in my neighborhood and would ask to see if there was anything I could do to help my neighbors, and wouldn’t you know they gave me something to do. I found my passion and since of ownership and pride in something that could be a dream come true for me. I grabbed a push mower and the rest is history.

Our business started in Kyle Texas and now services all of Hays and Comal Counties with plans to expand to the greater Austin/San Antonio Area. If you know us or have heard of us you will know of our reputation! We are a family that is here to bring something extraordinary to your doorstep, and that is Service First, Communication second to none, and the attention to detail to finish.  From design to completion we would love to earn your business.Josh PaselkOwner

Why Landscaping?

We have a passion for the outdoors. There is something about working with your hands that is just so fulfilling. Couple that with meaningful relationships both personal and professional, and you can't ask for anything else. We take pride in our work. There is no rush to finish. We found that if you do something right, don’t skip corners, charge an appropriate price, and communicate through issues then nobody stands to lose.There is nothing more important to us than our word. We let our yes be yes, and our no be no.
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